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What is Edutainment Show

The Edutainment Show by Eva Live is a dynamic creative career festival that seamlessly blends education and entertainment, fostering creativity, innovation, and critical thinking in learning. We bring together experts, educators, and students, and offer high-quality educational content, whilst also recognizing excellence, inspiring innovation, and showcasing emerging trends in a captivating festival of creativity.

About EVA Live

Eva Live, helmed by industry experts, is your go-to for dynamic Event Intellectual Properties (IPs). ‘Eva’ means ‘life,’ and we aim to breathe vitality into every occasion. Our 2023-24 lineup features blockbuster IPs such as Bollywood Music Project, India Games Expo, Windmill Festival, The Edutainment Show, The Great Indian Dandiya Festival, and Big Boys Toys, offering unforgettable experiences for all.